2D Echocardiography with Colour Doppler

2D Echocardiography with Colour Doppler

2D Echocardiography with Colour Doppler

What is 2D echo with Color Doppler?
2D Echo with color Doppler is a heart related test, wherein we get pictures of the heart using ultrasound technique. The test results display real time contractions of the heart ,heart chambers, valves and major blood vessels of our heart. In this context Doppler is used to assess the blood flow to the heart.

Why should you undergo a 2D echo?

  • Any irregularity in the functioning of the heart.
  • Diagnosis of hereditary heart diseases and blood clots.
  • Any defect in the heart valve.
  • Inadequate blood supply to the heart.
How is 2D echocardiography performed?

A radiologist or cardiologist performs the process of echocardiography. It takes maximum 10-15 minutes to complete this test. It involves principles of ultrasound & Doppler.

We get a images of heart printed on paper & recorded on DVDs. This way the physician can interpret the results for any abnormalities or any originating disease.

What are the Pre-test instructions?

  • No fasting is required to do this test. One can have a normal diet before the test is done.
  • Unless your physician instructs otherwise, all the medications should be continued.
  • All the prior reports should be taken along for verification.
  • In case of tests to be conducted on a newborn, we should avoid the child from sleeping at least one hour prior to the test and also care should be taken that feeding is done one hour prior to the test.
  • With regard to fetal echocardiography, the female must be 5 months pregnant.

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